Welcome to the CBS's works on Gross National Happiness!

This website is dedicated to publishing Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research's works on Gross National Happiness. The Centre is a government autonomous organisation that is mandated to carry out research on GNH. In order to develop the GNH indicators, the first pilot GNH Survey was carried out in 2006 with 350 respondents. The questionnaire was further refined after the pilot survey and it was administered to 950 respondents from 12 dzongkhags. The questionnaire was again reviewed and refined for a nation wide GNH Survey which was carried out in 2010. This Survey result was then used to develop the indicators and set benchmark values for the different indicators that were used for the GNH Index. The next nation wide GNH Survey was carried out in 2015. The results of both these surveys are available under Publications, Survey Report category.

GNH is development with values.